Should I Get a Bridge or Dental Implant?

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When you lose a tooth, the best solution is to get a replacement. A replacement tooth ensures that your other teeth' structure and facial shape are maintained. It eliminates difficulties that usually occur while eating or speaking with a missing tooth. And most importantly, it preserves your radiant smile, guaranteeing the continuity of your fantastic look.

When getting a long-lasting tooth replacement, most people often face the trouble of choosing between dental bridges and dental implants. Although both give the perfect appearance of a re-grown tooth, they are not the same. Depending on you, one may be better than the other. Read on!

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a false tooth suspended between two crowns cemented onto the teeth on either or one side of the missing tooth gap. Therefore, a tooth bridge is only applicable when at least one of the adjacent teeth is healthy. The ceramic crown is chosen to match the natural color of your surrounding teeth. Although dental bridges entail a little more than mentioned above, the extra knowledge is not as important.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A tooth implant is a false tooth anchored to a titanium post inserted into your jawbone. The titanium post, usually in the form of a screw, acts as an artificial tooth root and functions like a natural one. Like a dental bridge, the porcelain crown is selected to tally with your surrounding teeth. Although there’s more to implants than mentioned above, that is beyond the scope of this article.

Choosing Between an Implant and a Bridge

When choosing between dental implants and dental bridges, you should consider a few factors. They are:

Overall Health

Your state of health is one of the most significant factors in determining whether you should go for a bridge or an implant. Generally, dental implants require surgery, so they may not be an option for individuals with medical conditions that slow down healing, such as leukemia or diabetes. On the other hand, dental bridges are more likely to be fixed for diabetes and leukemia patients.


The upfront cost of a dental bridge is much lower than that of a dental implant. A dental bridge is also likely to be covered by dental insurance, while an implant isn’t. However, in the long run, the dental bridge cost usually turns out to be far more than the dental implant cost. This is because a tooth implant is more of a permanent tooth replacement as it lasts much longer than a bridge and doesn’t need to be replaced as often. 

If you’re currently tight on budget, you may prefer a dental bridge. However, if you have the means, you should consider a tooth implant, as it would save you a lot more money over time.

Number of Missing Teeth

For a single tooth replacement, a dental implant is likely a better choice than a bridge. However, if you’re missing more than one consecutive tooth, a dental bridge is preferable. This is because a separate implant has to be attached to your jawbone for each missing tooth, leading to expensive and impractical surgery.

Nonetheless, for whole mouth replacement or up to three consecutive teeth replacement, an implant-supported bridge is available. An implant-supported bridge is essentially a tooth bridge supported by implants rather than other healthy teeth. The number of titanium posts (implants) will depend on the size of the bridge.

Dental Bridge vs. Implant – Which Is Right for You?

After reading the above, you’ve probably evaluated the tooth replacement option that suits you best. Nevertheless, if you’re yet to decide which to go for, do not worry. You can consult a dentist and take the final step in determining which type you should get.

At Premier Dental Club, a professional awaits to give you the best advice and treatment on any issue regarding your dental health. From affordable dental implants to cost-friendly dental bridges, your teeth will surely get the care they deserve. Just like an artist is dedicated to creating a beautiful art piece, we are passionate about giving you a beautiful smile. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today

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