The Science of Teeth Whitening

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Getting a brighter and whiter smile doesn't have to require months of using special toothpastes or gels on your teeth. With the power of precise chemistry, your dentist can provide much faster results in just a few visits to their office. It's all a matter of teeth whitening science. Using the right combination of bleaching compounds, protective coatings for the gums, and UV lights to accelerate and activate, a professional whitening procedure offers immediate results. Even stubborn stains that resist basic whitening steps are easily treated by the dentist with a combination of polishing, bonding, and veneers. Win the fight against stains and yellowing with the help of the science of teeth whitening.

Why Do You Need Tooth Stain Removal?

Many of the foods and drinks you enjoy on a daily basis will leave behind pigments on the surface of your teeth. As your teeth's enamel remineralizes itself, those pigments can become trapped just under the surface. They're visible but harder to remove with just good brushing and flossing habits. Dental bleaching goes deeper to address these stains and lift them away without risking damage to the gums or teeth. Yellowing also happens over time as the material in each tooth ages. Periodic whitening is the best way to counter this subtly aging effect and maintain a youthful appearance.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Some home tooth whitening kits claim to rely on the same chemicals or techniques as the dentist's office. This isn't always accurate because some methods and equipment are only safe for the dentist and their trained staff to operate. This is true for UV lights designed for whitening, along with many gel and tray procedures. When you choose your dentist's office for tooth stain removal instead of a DIY route, you can rest assured that any potential side effects are being mitigated with careful application. Your dentist will also know your overall oral health concerns and ensure that the whitening procedure won't affect any of them.

Teeth Whitening Science in the Dentist's Office

Learning how teeth whitening works will put you at ease before undergoing your own procedures. Peroxide is the primary ingredient in almost all professional grade whitening gels, coatings, and other applications. It's also found in some home-based kits, but in much lower concentrations. That means you'll need weeks or months of daily applications to see any whitening. We carefully apply a higher concentration of the bleaching agent to lift stains faster without risking damage to the gums. The gels we use are much thicker and easier to apply in very minute amounts so there's no chance of it dripping or moving onto the gums.

UV light also helps accelerate the process. Yet care must be taken with this tool to prevent damage to the skin or eyes during use. You definitely won't want to risk using any unapproved devices found online for sale that claim to work like the dentist's light system. Only professional whitening can safely leverage the power of the light spectrum to tackle those stubborn stains. If you experience any sensitivity after getting teeth whitening in Houston, your dentist can provide a range of desensitizing treatments to keep you comfortable.

The Risks of Dental Bleaching at Home

Using DIY solutions for teeth whitening may seem like a way to save money, but consider the cost over the long time span usually required for use. A few visits to the dentist may cost a lot less once you add it all up. Home treatments are also more likely to cause tooth sensitivity or gum damage than professional procedures. Even if you've tried DIY whitening in the past, you'll be surprised at how many stains are lifted when you let the dentist do the hard work instead.

Choose Premier Dental Club for your teeth whitening in Houston to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable experience. We'll put you at ease and guide you through the process so you know exactly what to expect. In addition to keeping your smile sparkling and stain-free, we can help with routine care and in-depth treatments for gum disease. Tooth whitening can make up just one part of a larger smile makeover, with treatments like veneers and gum contouring to give you a completely new look.

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