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Total Smile Restoration with All-on-4®

“I hate my dentures!”

“Nothing seems to work!”

“I’m tired of trying to fix my teeth!”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Over 35 million people in the United States have missing or lower teeth. Missing teeth create an uneven gap and can lower self-esteem. Everyone deserves a stunning smile, and if you’ve wished for a total smile restoration plus natural-looking teeth then All-on-4® may be the answer you’re looking for.

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The revolutionary All-on-4® treatment helps countless patients with missing lower or upper teeth each year regain their sense of confidence with its total smile restoration.

What is All-on-4®?

All-on-4 offers total smile restoration for those missing upper or lower teeth. They are custom-placed dental implants. Unlike dentures, All-on-4® implants are permanent and look completely natural. You will begin your smile restoration treatment by receiving a temporary arch and four dental implants. They are precision-placed in your mouth and begin the process of supporting a full and permanent arch to replace any lost teeth in the upper or lower jaw. 

A few months after the initial visit, a permanent arch is placed in your mouth. That’s it. After the permanent arch placement, you’re good to go with a total smile restoration.

How is All-on-4® different?

Previously, dental implants took up to over a year of treatment with several doctors and even more implants. Sometimes, up to six implants were needed to treat a patient. Rather than painstakingly replacing each tooth separately, All-on-4® uses four main anchor points and attaches the replacement to that. All-on-4® not only saves several doctor’s visits, but it’s completely safe, secure, and natural.

How much does All-on-4® cost?

Because of its advanced and precise technology, All-on-4® is undoubtedly an investment. However, the result is life-changing. At your preliminary consultation, we will analyze the X-rays of your teeth and give you a full estimate based on your unique situation. We also offer several different flexible payment options depending on your financing preferences.

Is All-on-4® painful?

During the actual implant process, we sedate you to keep you relaxed and comfortable during the process. Because patient comfort is a number-one priority for our team, we want the process to be as pain-free as possible. Upon waking up, you may experience some slight discomfort and sensitivity due to the placement of the implants.

Will All-on-4® work for me?

Have you tried multiple ways to keep your teeth but nothing works? Do you hate wearing your dentures? Have you struggled to find treatments that work? Do you want a permanent solution? All-on-4® caters to people just like you. If you are missing more than 6 lower or upper teeth, then this life-changing treatment solves just that. All-on-4® helped patients with a variety of dental problems including severe periodontal disease, acid reflux, or trauma. Schedule your free complimentary consultation to see if All-on-4® smile restoration is the right choice for your total mouth transformation. 

Comfortable, secure, and life-changing smile restoration.

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