6 Ways to Keep your Gums Healthy

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There are things you can do to encourage good gum health that aren't directly related to your oral hygiene. Healthy gum tissue relies on a steady supply of Vitamin C, iron, and calcium in your diet. Deficiencies in any of these three nutrients can directly lead to gum problems. Limit the amount of crunchy, sharp, or sticky foods that can irritate the gums. If you indulge in snacks The gums are the foundation of your smile, and maintaining good gum health takes a daily effort on your part. Without healthy gums, you can't have healthy teeth. Yet the problems of periodontal disease can stretch far further than just your smile. Inflammation from bacteria in the gumline could affect your heart, brain, and much more. Protect yourself from gum disease and honor the mouth body connection with these tips for better health overall starting with the gums.

Don't Neglect Good Oral Hygiene

Healthy teeth and gums are cleaned twice a day or more. That means more than just brushing. You'll need to floss once daily to remove food particles that often set off dental disease. It's easy even for people that would never skip a dentist's visit to forget to brush now and then. Setting reminders, using a more comfortable or electric toothbrush that eases the process, and learning the most comfortable way to floss from your dentist will help you maintain these important daily habits.

Avoid Abrasive Toothpaste

Many toothpaste products that have come on the market in the last few years that did not receive the approval of the American Dental Association may risk damage to your gums and/or teeth. These products tend to be marketed as whitening or renewal formulas that are designed to strip away stains. Activated charcoal is one product to look out for which is too abrasive and likely to damage your gums rather than help them. If in doubt about what to brush with, ask your dentist for a recommendation that will improve gum health. If you're interested in tooth whitening, getting professional services in the dental office will cause far less damage to your gums than trying to use abrasive toothpaste on a daily basis.

Stop Smoking

Smoking cessation is a big effort, but it could improve your health in hundreds of different ways. In addition to adding strain to your heart and reducing your fertility, smoking can directly damage your gums and cause them to shrink or become more susceptible to disease. It's not enough just to avoid smoking after dental surgery or when you have actively inflamed gums. Protect your health by putting an end to your smoking habit as soon as possible.

Use the Right Mouthwash

Not all mouthwash products offer the same benefits when it comes to promoting good gum health. Instead of looking for just a basic alcohol-based mixture with no specific benefits, consider a therapeutic mouthwash. These products are sometimes over-the-counter but may be prescribed by your dentist instead. If you have an existing sign of gum disease like bleeding gums, using a prescription mouthwash is absolutely important to kill off bacteria below the gum line and close any pockets that could encourage infection. Use a fluoride-containing rinse after brushing to ensure you're not washing away the compound when you need it.

See the Dentist Twice a Year

When you haven't had a cavity in a while, you might think your daily brushing habits mean you can skip the dentist. This can be a big mistake when you're considering gum health. It only takes a few months for the early signs of gum disease to develop. If you overlook them by skipping even one visit to the dentist, you risk developing a much more serious form of gum disease. Seeing the dentist twice a year and avoiding the urge to skip even a single appointment can prevent serious pain and the potential for tooth loss.

Eat a Varied Diet

like popcorn or peanuts that have hulls that can get stuck between teeth, make sure to floss afterward.

Get help with your journey to keep your gums healthy from our team here at Premier Dental Club. We can check for the early signs of gum disease and help advise you with custom recommendations for good oral hygiene. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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