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When to Consider Dental Bonding

Some dental treatments are considered restorative, while others are considered cosmetic. Dental bonding, however, is a unique and versatile dental treatment that can provide both cosmetic and restorative benefits to patients by improving the look and health of their smiles. 

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Where to Get Dental Crowns in Houston

If you have a decayed, broken, weak or worn-down tooth, a dental crown is a great way to restore your smile. Your dentist in Houston also uses these tooth-shaped caps to cover dental implants and teeth treated with root canals.

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Where to Get Dental Implants in Houston

Where to Get Dental Implants in HoustonMissing teeth can affect your confidence as well as your health. It has been linked to certain medical conditions like heart disease and obesity. But what most people tend to notice first is a feeling of being self-conscious in social situations. They feel like the spotlight is on their mouth, or more specifically, their missing teeth. Add to that the discomfort that usually comes with an altered bite due to missing teeth, and this sends many people looking for missing teeth solutions.Fortunately, there are some great solutions in the Houston area.

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Gum Contouring: A Simple Procedure for a Better Smile

Is your gumline making you feel self-conscious about your smile? Do you cover your mouth to hide a “gummy smile?” If so, you are not alone – between 10 and 29 percent of young adults have a gummy smile. The cosmetic problem is especially common among women. Fortunately, your Houston dentist offers gum contouring that can give you a toothier, more appealing smile. 

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5 Common Dental Myths

In the age of the internet, answers and information are just a simple search away. When it comes to dental care, there are countless misconceptions, and the information you might find online is not always accurate or current. As dental care advances and improves, you'll want access to the treatment technology and the most up-to-date information, and you can find that with our dentist at Premier Dental Club. In the meantime, we're here to put five of the most common dental care myths to rest. 

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