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What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is a dental problem that requires an immediate response for it to be controlled. It is usually extremely painful, accompanied by profuse bleeding and can be life-threatening. Various dental conditions require professional treatment; however, not all of them require immediate attention. Your ability to recognize which dental condition is an emergency can make a difference, not only in the state of your oral health but also in the quality of your life.

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Should I Get a Bridge or Dental Implant?

When you lose a tooth, the best solution is to get a replacement. A replacement tooth ensures that your other teeth' structure and facial shape are maintained. It eliminates difficulties that usually occur while eating or speaking with a missing tooth. And most importantly, it preserves your radiant smile, guaranteeing the continuity of your fantastic look.When getting a long-lasting tooth replacement, most people often face the trouble of choosing between dental bridges and dental implants. Although both give the perfect appearance of a re-grown tooth, they are not the same. Depending on you, one may be better than the other. Read on!

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6 Ways to Keep your Gums Healthy

There are things you can do to encourage good gum health that aren't directly related to your oral hygiene. Healthy gum tissue relies on a steady supply of Vitamin C, iron, and calcium in your diet. Deficiencies in any of these three nutrients can directly lead to gum problems. Limit the amount of crunchy, sharp, or sticky foods that can irritate the gums. If you indulge in snacks The gums are the foundation of your smile, and maintaining good gum health takes a daily effort on your part. Without healthy gums, you can't have healthy teeth. Yet the problems of periodontal disease can stretch far further than just your smile. Inflammation from bacteria in the gumline could affect your heart, brain, and much more. Protect yourself from gum disease and honor the mouth body connection with these tips for better health overall starting with the gums.

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Maximizing Your Dental Insurance Benefits

As another year winds down, it’s time to check out your dental insurance policy and your healthcare flex spending accounts. These benefits all expire on December 31st, and it’s standard policy across the dental insurance industry for unused benefits to expire. With no rollover, it’s important to get around to using dental benefits before end of year deadlines draw near.

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What You Need to Know About Dental Implants

You may be apprehensive to smile if you’re missing one or more teeth. Missing teeth can age your mouth and cause structural problems with your jawbone and gums, making it difficult to chew and speak. If you have dentures, you might not be happy with your current single tooth replacement or whole mouth replacement, especially if the tooth replacement causes pain and discomfort. Fortunately, a permanent tooth replacement option is available. A tooth implant can give you your confidence back and make you happy to smile! Premier Dental Club in Houston offers dental implants that can transform your smile.

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